Colorado Shooter Jury Selection Pool is Far from Boring

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Jury selection is underway in the Colorado shooting case set to be heard in mid-April before Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. James Holmes is being tried for killing 12 people and injuring 70 more in a theatre shooting in 2012. He has plead not guilty by reason of insanity. If jurors find that he was sane and reject his defense, they will also decide whether he should be sentenced to death.

Jury selection began in January where more than 9,000 possible jurors were summoned. Experts claim this is the largest jury pool in United States history. The jurors completed lengthy quesionnaires. Thousands were then asked to return for individual questioning which began on February 11th. Out of those thousands, more than 50 people have been selected to come back for additional screening.

The process is tiring and extensive. Attorneys question at most, twelve people per day. Jurors are asked questions regarding their feelings about capital punishment, mental illness and thier own personal problems, such as financial hardship or sick relatives.

Here are a few of the "interesting" juror candidates who were dismissed:


A woman told the court she is clairvoyant and had the ability to see the "truth of a situation." She was dismissed after telling the judge she could not impose the death penalty - even after promising she would not apply her skills as an "energy reader" and "religious science practitioner" during testimony.


A man was dismissed after he said the death penalty would be appropriate in a "zombie apocalypse" case in which people were high on drugs and eating human flesh.

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