Coca-Cola prepares to defend their security measures that FIZZLED out

New Laptop
Shane Enslin, a former service technician of Coca-Cola has filed a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania federal court alleging that the soft drink company ruined his credit. He claims that the company failed to protect employee information on company laptops. The laptops were stolen and the company had no security policy in effect to protect the private information. He also alleged that the soft drink mogul provided ex-employees with a lesser degree of credit monitoring than current employees.

In January, the world's largest soft drink manufacturer stated that data belonging to 74,000 individuals, including former and current employees was compromised when roughly fifty-five laptops were stolen from an Atlanta-based company between 2007 and 2013. Enslin alleges that the company recovered the laptops by December but did not notify employees until January.

Enslin contends that his personal information was used to make credit card charges, including more than $1,700.00 worth of merchandise from Bloomingdale's Inc. and Fingerhut Companies Inc. In addition, the thieves used money from his bank account to pay the bill. The theives also obtained a job at United Parcel Services Inc. (UPS) using his personal information. The criminals also changed addresses on Enslin's personal accounts, including one with Macy's.

According to the complaint, the theft has "caused his credit to be adversely affected, funds to be withdrawn from his bank accounts and employment and credit status to be impacted negatively." Enslin is seeking to bring a class action lawsuit and is requesting unspecified damages and a court order forcing the company to provide credit monitoring, bank monitoring and credit restoration services for at least twenty-five years.

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